Tips on designing a small bathroom

July 28, 2021

In contrast to big bathrooms, there are a lot of challenges that homeowners face when it comes to designing and decorating smaller ones. They're often overlooked because people think they can just slap up some paint and be done with it, but that's not the case. Just because your toilet is small doesn’t mean that it can’t be both beautiful and functional! In fact, many of the same tips for designing and renovating a larger toilet are applicable to smaller ones too.

There are many tips and tricks for making your tiny toilet look great with minimal effort. Whether you have an outdated bathroom or one where space is limited, here is TINY TOILET, BIG GUIDE: TIPS ON DESIGNING A SMALL BATHROOM.

  • Envision your ideal bathroom. First, think about what kind of look you want. Visualize the bathroom that you’d like to see when you take an early morning shower and the same bathroom that you’d want to relax and take a bubble bath in after a long day of work. Do you want to keep it sophisticated, minimalistic, and simple? Or are fun and vibrant colours more of your style? Whatever the case may be, make sure that when planning out the design, there'd still be enough space so that your bathroom doesn’t end up too cramped.
  • Opt for lighter colours. Painting the walls and ceiling a bright colour will make your bathroom look bigger than it really is while also giving you the opportunity to create some fun patterns with paint colours or wallpapers. Furthermore, if your bathroom has windows that let in natural light, then go ahead and choose something like white for the ceilings so your small space can feel as bright and spacious as possible.
  • Make the most out of shelves. If you're looking to create a small bathroom that has some additional storage space while also trying to be aesthetically pleasing, go for open shelving above the toilet tank. This will give you ample room for storing all of your towels and other small necessities. Moreover, it's small enough that it doesn't take up too much space and will still look well-designed with no frills. Aside from that, you could also consider installing a small shelving unit or floating shelves above the sink that will act as an excellent storage space for items like hand cream and hairbrushes while also adding some much-needed colour to your small bathroom. This way, you can quickly grab what you need to get ready with ease.
  • Select a suitable toilet. For small bathrooms with barely any room to spare, opt for a small toilet rather than a large one. In addition, you might want to check out back-to-wall toilets. They are a wise choice in terms of saving space and, at the same time, reduce the number of spots that are hard to reach when cleaning. Generally speaking, when you’re on the hunt for toilets, don’t forget to measure your bathroom dimensions beforehand or else you might end up with an uncomfortable seat height or door position!
  • Go for multi-purpose decors. If you're looking for ways to spruce up your bathroom without breaking the bank on fancy decorations from expensive stores, there are plenty of things that will work well in just about any space whilst also serving a specific function. For instance, you can fill up a pretty glass jar with seashells, so it's perfect for holding makeup brushes. If you’re going for a green and natural vibe, add some succulents next time they go on sale because not only do they look great but also absorb bad smells around toilets and sinks.
  • Add a piece that serves as a highlight. If you want to do something a bit more extravagant with your bathroom, then consider installing an art piece in the corner of the room that will catch visitors' eyes when they walk in. It's important not to go overboard, so if you have just enough space for one large piece, such as a tiny painting or rug, then make that the focal point of your small bathroom.
  • Small sinks save space. When designing small toilets with limited space, make sure to incorporate a small toilet sink. This will allow you to keep your countertop free of clutter while still having enough room for the necessities like toothbrushes and soaps. If it's possible in terms of space, try using a one-piece toilet and sink combo that doesn't require a small toilet cabinet.
  • Maximize your wall space. When it comes to small toilets with limited storage, maximize every inch of wall space! For example: instead of buying an overpriced small toilet cabinet, try using a small chest of drawers or wire shelving. You might also want to increase the height of your toilet storage by adding baskets and boxes on top.
  • Use a fixed glass shower panel. Rather than using a curtain or a sliding glass panel, why not try something different to cover up your shower area? Fixed glass panels are a great option if you want the convenience of sliding open and closed. Plus, they can create the illusion that your bathroom has more space than it actually has! They take up less space, so it doesn't feel crowded while making sure no one accidentally slips on wet flooring. They offer added safety as well by preventing people from getting too close to the water's flow.
  • Declutter every once in a while. Decluttering is actually one of the best ways to save space since it will help make more room for essential things. We all have some beauty products and toiletries we never use. Therefore, it might be a good idea for you to declutter regularly so that your favourite items don't get buried under old, unwanted stuff! By taking an hour out of your busy schedule and going through every single thing in your bathroom on a regular basis, you'll see how much of an impact decluttering makes on the space you have available for yourself—it can totally change the atmosphere!
  • Add a mirror or two. Mirrors have the ability to amplify spaces and fill them with light, making small bathrooms feel more spacious than they actually are! You can go the extra mile by using an oversized mirror or simply opt for regular ones that you can place on the walls, at eye level with a dresser or vanity table, and in front of sinks for a roomy result. Consider shining some more light with sconces and installing decorative lamps above the sink, or if you don’t have space, add some backlight on the mirror for that extra touch!

Bathrooms, especially those with relatively small sizes, are one of the hardest to design. Don't worry, though—we're here to help! Our team at OzGood Bathroom Renovations specializes in designing and renovating bathrooms for tight spaces like yours. With our help, we can turn the tiny bathroom into an oasis. We provide design consultations and a wide array of services for all things related to bathroom renovations! Get in touch with us at +61403089798 to learn more today!