10 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Bathroom

October 30, 2021

Ah, nothing like a long, tiring day at work to get you in the mood for a long bubble bath. Wait a minute, what’s that dripping noise?

A leak in the bathroom is a surefire way to ruin your day. When you're spending so much time at home, it's important that every space feels welcoming and comfortable—the bathroom included! Surely, no one wants to spend time in a bathroom that is poorly designed.

Bathrooms are an area of the house where mistakes can be easily avoided if you know what to look for. These mistakes will not only cost you money, but they will also have a negative impact on your mood when using the bathroom. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when designing your bathroom.

MISTAKE #1: Making use of small tiles with intricate patterns

Anyone who cleans bathrooms would understand how bothersome small, intricately-patterned tiles are, as we have previously highlighted in one of our previous blogs. While they may certainly be attractive on the surface, they come with a lot of gaps filled with grout, a porous material that absorbs moisture (which eventually leads to stains) and in which dirt and other nasty residues accumulate. As a result, your bathroom floors and walls can be quite high-maintenance, and if you’re not someone who’s up for the job of scrubbing stubborn grout stains at least once a week, then you should definitely opt for bigger tiles with less complex designs. Otherwise, you can simply ditch tiles and grout altogether and choose from alternatives, such as acrylic panels, paint, or marble!

MISTAKE #2: Overlooking the bathroom door’s location and means of operation.

So you’ve turned your dream bathroom into reality, only for you to find out that the door keeps hitting the toilet bowl…yikes. This is one of the most common errors in designing bathrooms, particularly ones that are small. When coming up with a bathroom design, make sure that it is one in which the door can open all the way without any obstructions. This means checking not only for object placement but also making sure there's enough room for maneuvering when entering and exiting the bathroom.

One way to prevent such a problem from happening is by checking out other types of bathroom doors instead of simply resorting to the traditional hinged type. Pocket doors, barn doors, and glass bifold doors are some excellent space-saving options.

While we’re on the subject of doors, you might also want to think twice about their location. It’s probably not a great idea to have it open to a view of the toilet, especially in case you’re the one to forget locking doors frequently! As a result, when building a bathroom, it would be best to have the toilet positioned at a 90-degree angle to the entrance or perhaps behind the door for maximum concealment.

MISTAKE #3: Limiting storage to the vanity.

This one goes out especially to those who have small bathrooms: don’t make the mistake of restricting your storage space to your vanity! And for those who put aesthetics over functionality: know you can have the best of both worlds without compromising the other!

All this to say, both aforementioned situations—having a small bathroom and focusing too much on aesthetics—can lead to insufficient storage, which consequently makes the bathroom more cramped than it already is. Here are some storage solutions to help you make the most of your bathroom's space while also producing eye-catching designs and accents:

· Rather than sticking to standard mirrors that do nothing more than showing your reflection, turn it into a mirror cabinet that’s recessed into the wall.

· Speaking of things that are recessed, you can also employ the same technique on your shower niche. Doing so would spare you from having a separate one right in front of your face, therefore leaving you with more shower stall space.

· Maximise your bathroom cabinets’ storage space by adding hooks and containers behind their doors. Magnetic containers do the trick pretty well!

· Add an over-the-door shelf in which you can hang your towels. Don’t forget to keep a step stool handy to assist you in reaching them!

· Get a tray to put all of your favourite items on so they don't end up strewn around your counter. You can even match the tray to complement your bathroom’s theme.

· Fill stylish baskets with clean, rolled bath and hand towels to make for a decoration that’s totally functional.

· The same goes for rolls of toilet paper—instead of making use of stand-up holders, just place them in a basket atop your toilet bowl.

MISTAKE #4: Making inaccurate measurements.

Do you know what’s a definite way to guarantee total chaos in bathroom design? Making inaccurate measurements, that’s what!

A slight inaccuracy can go a long way when designing your space. It may seem like you're doing everything correctly at first, but before long, your bathroom will be an absolute mess if your calculations aren't 100% correct. You might find yourself stuck with a newly-delivered bathtub that leaves a tiny gap between the wall, or if you’re extremely lucky, it might be one that doesn’t fit your bathroom at all!

Similar to laboratory experiments, taking measurements is a critical procedure that sets off a negative chain reaction even with a discrepancy that’s as small as a mere inch. Thus, before ordering bathroom fixtures, tiles, or anything else, make sure that you’ve at least double- or triple-checked if your recorded dimensions are absolutely precise to avoid such a terrible error.

MISTAKE #5: Asking for a quotation from only one renovation company.

Despite the fact that we are a renovation company, we’re going to be straightforward with you: it’s always a good rule of thumb to get quotations from at least three different companies—preferably those who have been personally recommended to you by friends or family. This will allow you to compare prices and determine which company best fits your budget and objectives, ensuring that the project will be a success.

Here are some tips to take note of and factors to take into consideration once you’re ready to select a renovation company:

· Do a background check on the company. See whether they’re licensed and insured, how long they’ve been in operation (at least 5 years, ideally), and whether they’ve received any formal complaints in the past.

· Take a look at some of their previous works to get a sense of their craftsmanship, proficiency in the field, and the overall quality of their outputs.

· Hire one that’s within your area so that they’d be easy to reach should any problems arise in the future.

· Don’t rush yourself into making a decision right away, especially when it comes to signing a contract. Renovations can be quite high-priced, so you’d surely want to get the most out of your money. Moreover, when presented with a contract, make sure to read and comprehend it thoroughly. If you’re interested to know more about the OzGood team, you can check us out here.

MISTAKE #6: Failure to allot a budget for hidden costs.

Depending on what you’re going to get done, all sorts of renovations can range from moderately pricey to break-the-bank expensive. On top of that, bathroom renovations are also notorious for having a lot of hidden costs! Whether you discover corroded pipes and stinking mould upon lifting up the floorboards or have water issues that you didn’t have any knowledge of, chances are, you’re going to have to pay for extra charges because it’s not like you can simply ignore the problems once you notice them! Thus, if at all feasible, make sure to set aside a contingency fund that’s at least 15% of your total renovation costs.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

MISTAKE #7: Ignoring the importance of privacy.

Having windows in a bathroom is a great idea, as it allows for natural lighting and better ventilation. You could have even had your bathtub situated next to one to take in the magnificent view from outdoors. However, a significant downside to this is the lack of privacy. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that there aren’t any prying eyes watching you!

Worry not, though, because this is not to say that you should remove the window and turn it into a wall. There are actually some strategic ways to maintain your privacy while still enjoying the advantages that come with having a window!

· Use shades that can be raised or lowered to let in more light or block it out for more privacy. Due to their lack of slats, shades are an energy-efficient solution. As a result, you won't have to worry about heat escaping during the cooler months!

· Though not as insulating as shades, shutters take the regulation of light and privacy to the next level by allowing you to change the angle at which light enters the room.

· If you’re not keen on installing either shades or shutters, going for frosted spray paint is a cheap and quick privacy solution. It also provides you with the option of spraying the entire window or creating patterns!

· If keeping your bathroom aesthetically pleasing is one of your top priorities, then you can replace the window altogether with glass blocks. Keep in mind that they can be pretty costly, though!

MISTAKE #8: Not using a tiered lighting design.

When it comes to bathrooms, selecting proper and adequate lighting can prove to be a challenge. It’s not enough to just grab the cheapest energy-saving LED bulb and install it! While such practice may work in other parts of the house, the bathroom is one that requires various types of lighting to cater to the numerous activities done inside.

There are three primary types of lighting that you can layer to boost both the space’s aesthetic and functionality: ambient light that would serve as the main overhead lighting, which can come in the form of recessed ones, chandeliers, or flush mounts; task lighting, which is especially advantageous for tasks performed in front of the mirror, such as shaving and putting on makeup, and; accent lighting, which are typically modest lighting fixtures that add sophistication and draw attention to the bathroom’s key elements.

MISTAKE #9: Having poor ventilation.

Bathroom ventilation is necessary for many reasons, but especially when people are showering or getting ready for the day. Ventilation works to rid your bathrooms of bad smells and moisture by moving fresh air into the area and carrying away the stale air. It's important to get this process right because, without proper ventilation, the following problems may emerge:

· Bad odours become trapped.

· Moisture can cause mould and mildew to grow in the bathroom around the sink and in other spots, which can lead to health problems if left untreated.

· Excessive dampness causes dark stains on the walls and ceiling and even cause wallpapers to come loose.

· Mirrors constantly become fogged up due to the moisture retained in the air.

To solve this problem, here are some solutions:

· Purchase an exhaust fan that can be installed on your ceiling. In case this isn’t possible, attaching a small fan to the doorway corner would have to do.

· Besides using your exhaust fan when you shower, you also need to use it when drying your hair. The hot air produced by a hairdryer can hang around for hours unless there is proper ventilation in place.

· Should you have any, keep your bathroom window open at least a few inches during showers and toilet use.

· A small dehumidifier may not seem like much, but it’s worth considering using one in extremely humid areas like bathrooms.

MISTAKE #10: Attempting to do everything on your own.

For some magical reason that even we can’t explain, people who do DIY renovation projects always make it look like a breeze. They make it look super fun and exciting to the extent that you can’t help but get excited to do everything on your own too. As in, forget about the experts with all the expertise! If these DIY guys can, then I can too!

Don’t let them fool you, though! Behind those perfect videos were probably a lot of outtakes filled with stress and blunders. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t believe in yourself because with enough determination (and hours of regrets as to why you chose to DIY rather than pay a contractor), you should

be able to get the job done. What we're suggesting is that you can avoid the stress of bathroom renovations by enlisting the services of specialists. Aside from the obvious reason that they're experienced and well-trained in the area, hiring a firm would likewise allow you to focus on other valuable things, such as working, caring for the kids, or simply enjoying a moment of relaxation (because you deserve it)!

Are you convinced yet? Then you might be interested in receiving a free quote from us. Get in touch with our team today by calling +61403089798. We’re looking forward to working with you!