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There's no arguing that bathrooms are highly essential to every home. You can sleep in the living room or perhaps merge the kitchen and dining area, but there's no other place to shower or do your business than the bathroom itself. Can you picture yourself living in a world where bathrooms do not exist? As a Sydney-based company that specialises in quality kitchen, laundry, and bathroom renovation services, we most definitely can't. Let's change the question: can you picture yourself being uncomfortable in a bathroom? Either because you can see damp spots that are in dire need of waterproofing or perhaps the fixtures aren't as functional anymore, any home or property owner would know when it's high time to seek the help of professionals. Read on and let our award-winning team of experts walk you through every aspect regarding bathroom renovations in Sydney and other nearby suburbs.
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The interior of a master suite bathroom renovation
Drawn up plans of a bathroom to be built in Sydney's West

Bathroom Renovators

There are a lot of bathroom renovation businesses, and in Sydney, NSW and NSW in its entirety, there are lots of bathroom renovators to choose from. Before anything else, you're most probably wondering: What sets us apart from these other renovations Sydney companies, and why should you entrust us with the project?

Simple. We treat your home as though it's ours and make sure that we meet all of your bathroom renovation expectations. With a keen eye for design and the years of experience behind us, you can only expect our people to offer the best service in Sydney, NSW. Not just that! If you're also looking to make some renovations in your laundry, kitchen, or other areas of your home, we can do those while we're there.
Bathroom Design getting drawn up in Sydney
Bathroom renovation in Western Sydney with a charcoal grey design
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Bathroom Basin Renovation
Renovated Family Bathroom in Sydney's West

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We strictly adhere to guidelines set by the Department of Fair Trading. Thus, we've given customers from Inner West Sydney and other neighbouring suburbs exemplary bathroom renovation services for a few years now, and each time we finish the job, they're all left with a grin from ear-to-ear.

Any bathroom renovator can be bathroom builders, but not all are bathroom specialists.
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Bathroom Renovation Needs

Everyone has a reason to consider bathroom renovations and makeovers, but some are still not yet fully convinced that they should get one. Therefore, we've created a little checklist for you. The more you tick, the more you need to contact us!

  • There are cracks in the wall that consequently resulted in leakages and dampness in some areas.
  • You lack space to store all your bathroom essentials.
  • The bathroom fittings and fixtures need repairing or replacing.
  • After a few years of service, the tiling has become stained, leading to an untidy appearance that clearly requires quality tiling services.
  • The design is dull and outdated.
  • You want to incorporate the laundry area into the bathroom.

Are quick fixes no longer working? Then it's the ultimate sign that you should hand over the problem for our Sydney bathroom renovation team to deal with.

Bathroom undergoing renovationBathroom vanity made of wood with tiled walls in the background

Bathroom Renovation Process

Every job that we undertake starts with an inquiry from our local Sydney clients. You can contact us directly to schedule an initial consultation. We will then swing by your home to check out the bathroom and see what needs to be done, what needs to be prepared and subsequently give you a free quotation for the renovations.

Next, we'll come back on an agreed later date with the material and equipment that the project requires. Bathroom renovations often take three weeks to a month to complete depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the design, whether you need a new bathroom created or not, features that you would like for us to add, and most especially, dimensions. No worries, though! Despite all these, we understand how important your time and privacy are. Thus, we try our hardest to make the renovation job as quick as possible—of course, without compromising the quality of the bathroom.

It doesn't end there! If you're interested, you can also avail our maintenance service to ensure that everything is still in tiptop condition after the renovation is complete.

0403 089 798

Bathroom Designs

Have you got a fondness for anything cool and quirky? What about something with raw and earthy tones? Whatever design you have in mind, rest assured that it's something we can provide! However, if you haven't thought about anything yet, it's okay! We've been in the Sydney bathroom renovation industry for so long, and we're sure that we can come up with something that you'd definitely love. 

We use only the highest-grade materials available, outsourcing them from local and foreign companies to turn one of the most important rooms of your home—the bathroom—into an impeccable work of art.

Bathroom Fittings 

Most Sydney bathrooms come with the necessary fittings to maximise functionality: tub, shower, toilet, and sink. While we can provide all of these, with our bathroom renovations, we also offer a wide variety of other fixtures to make sure that your bathroom looks superb and comes with additional convenience. From shower screens to mirrors, wall cabinets to toilet seats, we've got them all to match your bathroom design. Moreover, we can customise them to cater to your liking. For instance, do you prefer frameless shower screens over framed ones? A toilet seat made of thermoplastic or something vintage-looking, like wood? Just tell us what you want, and we'll make it happen.

Bathroom Renovation Cost

Like any other homeowner, you're likely contemplating about how much it would cost to renovate a complete bathroom, specifically in Sydney. Unfortunately, we have no specific answer to that, as the price is on a case-to-case basis. The following comes into play in the costing: bathroom size, the intricacy of the bathroom design that the client has in mind, the materials that the project would require, and if it's the creation of a new bathroom or the renovation of an existing one.

Whether the job sets you back either hundreds or thousands of dollars, we guarantee nothing but a hassle-free experience and a quality output that we're sure to give you delight. For any further questions, call us and receive a free quotation.

Bathroom Renovation Services

Do we make for a great Sydney bathroom service provider? 

They say to try is to believe! 

But if you're still a bit sceptical about our renovation skills, ask our previous Sydney customers about their honest opinion regarding our kitchen, laundry, and bathroom renovations (we also do waterproofing). Reach out to us at 0403 089 798 or send us an email at ozgoodbathrooms@gmail.com to find out the areas we service in Western Sydney and other answers to general inquiries. Let's work together on your next project!


Western Sydney Bathroom Renovations

Western Sydney is our home, and we love making the bathrooms here beautiful with our renovations, we work closely with our clients to design and build the bathroom of their dreams, we have done renovations in Penrith, Glenmore Park, St. Marys to bathroom renovations in Inner West Sydney and the Northern Beaches. We'll even go out to the Blue Mountains to build you the bathroom design that you desire.

We are your premium, professional, friendly (and most importantly), affordable bathroom renovations experts and with over 20 years of experience, we've seen it all and even set some of the trends when it comes to design with our bathroom makeovers. Call us today for your free bathroom renovations quote today.
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